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2010 General Election Newsletter

It must be late October, there is frost on the ground in the morning, the harvest is finishing up and the calves are being shipped.  I see campaign signs all around, the leaves are changing colors and falling off the trees.  It must be election time.

We have had a good harvest on the farm and hope that your summer was successful as well.  We have had good crops and have enjoyed the good weather for the harvest season.  I have even had the opportunity to hunt both deer and antelope with my grandchildren.   Yes, I feel like I have had a good year.  The economy shows signs that we may have bottomed out and that a slow recovery is on the horizon.

State revenues have been higher than the projections for the last three months.  The last two months the revenue has exceeded that of the revenue the year before, which is indeed good news.  We are still going to have challenges with the budget next year because there was $450 million of one-time money in the FY2011 budget.  That is money that was taken from some reserve account that will not be available this year because that the account has been depleted.

Enough for the bad news; on the bright side the election is just around the corner.  I would encourage you to be sure and vote this year.  I am supporting Governor Otter; I believe that he has joined the Legislature and made that hard choice to reduce spending rather that raise taxes.  I believe that increasing taxes at this time would only add slowing the economic recovery, and we must work to grow the economy to increase revenue.

Also I would like to ask you to vote “YES” on the three constitutional amendments, HJR 4, HJR 5, and HJR 7.  HJR 4 allows public Hospitals to issue revenue bonds for equipment or expansion.  Remember that the county hospitals in our counties are one of our largest employers.  HJR 5 allows regional airport like Boise and Idaho Falls to issue revenue bond for expansion.  HJR 7 will allow municipalities to issue bonds for expansion or allow them to enter into long term contacts for power, and thus help keep rates lower in cities like Soda Springs and Idaho Falls.

The key to these amendments is that these are revenue bonds and therefore, not a pledge to the tax payers for repayment.  Please join me in voting “YES” on all three of the amendments. If I can provide you any information these or other issues please call or email me by visiting my website at

Yes, I would also like to ask for your vote in the upcoming election on November 2nd.